The Mansion

The Iatridis Manor in Mouresi, comes over time to confirm, like the old good wine, the warmth of the soul that the passion of tradition offers. It is a mansion, which a carved inscription found during its restoration, says was built in 1747 and belonged to Thodoris Farfaros, a name that no family carries today in the area. The house was bought by the mother of the current owner, Stavros Iatridis, and in fact, as he says, his mother used all the money she earned for her dowry, the hard work of a lifetime in Egypt where she had immigrated, for its purchase. The house was restored with the personal work of Stavros, who ‘caressed’ its tapestries with love and affection, spent hours to preserve the pieces that evoked his childhood memories.

Today the mansion is a jewel for Mouresi, being a revival of the tradition of the place, and conveys this vine to anyone staying in its rooms. If summer comes, the visitor will feel the coolness of ‘summer’. But even if the ‘winter’ happens to him, he will not leave unsatisfied. In the ‘cellar’ or the ‘workshop’ he will rest again. He might like Polyxeni’s room, the house helper in those years, or the small room that belonged to Stavros when he was a child. But if one chooses it as a newlywed in his new life, the sweet Mrs. Irini, the owner, will decorate the ‘wedding dress’ with flowers and fruits from her huge garden and will ensure an unforgettable stay. Not to mention the rich breakfast with jams and sweets from the hands of Irene.

It also has a two-room apartment with a fireplace and a large terrace with a wonderful view.

Mansion Photos

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